JUNE – Cinema Nova

In January 2021, amidst the suffocating grasp of Covid lockdowns in Europe, I sought solace in the vibrant landscapes of the Canary Islands. What was intended as a brief two-week retreat stretched into an immersive four-month adventure. It was during this extended stay that the seeds of “JUNE,” a captivating new track by the German music band Cinema Nova, began to take root.

Inspired by the raw authenticity and vivid hues of the islands, I embarked on crafting the visual narrative for our music video. Our mission: to encapsulate the essence of the land, weaving a tapestry of cinematic allure that would showcase its natural splendor while narrating a compelling story that connects a love story to the lyrics of the song. To breathe life into our vision, I handpicked a cast of local talents, ensuring an organic synergy between the narrative and its surroundings.

Yet, the realization of this project was not a solitary effort. It flourished through the collective contributions of an exceptional and diverse team — individuals whose unwavering dedication and boundless talent converged to bring our shared vision to life. Together, we embarked on a creative journey, propelled by passion and driven by a shared commitment to excellence.




“June” is a love story with no beginning and no end told through symbols taken from the lyrics “June” and shot on a magic island where everything is possible.
Even in reverse.



Film Director / Executive Producer: Carina Wachsmann
Idea: Daniel Sax
Actors: Denise Schultz / Sébastien Corona / Bruno (the dog:)
Cinematographer: Nick Szymczak
Written by: Carina Wachsmann
1st Assistant director: Martina Biccheri
Production manager: Alessandra Merlo
Editors: Nauan Barros / Christine Rockenfeller / Nick Szymczak
Color grading: Josef Sälzle
Music: Cinema Nova
Master: Malte Appel / Dani Macchi
Sound design: Dani Macchi
Radio voice: Paulina Atkins
Stand-In: Michalina Ryn / Aleksandra Jaszcz
Animal Wrangler: Andreas Brass
Special thanks to: Jana Alekseev, Benedict Thomas, Enrique Coronado, Coop: Marcel Alber, Dominique Stang, Felix Vogt