“JUNE” multi-awarded music video

In January 2021 I’ve escaped the hard lockdown and bad weather in Germany and went on a two weeks vacation to Fuerteventura, one of the wild volcanic Canary Islands. A trip which turned into 4 months (with just one suitcase). During that time I’ve written the script for the music video “JUNE”, the title of the new song by the young up-and-coming German band Cinema Nova.
I really wanted to capture the authenticity of the island and create a cinematic look and feel while telling a story with actors who I cast directly on the island.
I’ve produced, co-written and directed the music video with little to almost no budget thanks to an incredibly talented, motivated, and international team of people who stranded like me on this magic island and were enthusiastic to make things happen.

“June” is a love story with no beginning and no end told through symbols taken from the lyrics “June” and shot on a magic island where everything is possible. Even in reverse.

Film Director / Executive Producer: Carina Wachsmann
Idea: Daniel Sax
Actors: Denise Schultz / Sébastien Corona / Bruno (the dog:)
Cinematographer: Nick Szymczak
Written by: Carina Wachsmann
1st Assistant director: Martina Biccheri
Production manager: Alessandra Merlo
Editors: Nauan Barros / Christine Rockenfeller / Nick Szymczak
Color grading: Josef Sälzle
Music: Cinema Nova
Master: Malte Appel / Dani Macchi
Sound design: Dani Macchi
Radio voice: Paulina Atkins
Stand-In: Michalina Ryn / Aleksandra Jaszcz
Animal Wrangler: Andreas Brass

Special thanks to: Jana Alekseev, Benedict Thomas, Enrique Coronado, Coop: Marcel Alber, Dominique Stang, Felix Vogt



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