3 x 2,5 m wall, each photo 80 x 60 cm digital print on canvas


Ivo Gönner, mayor of Ulm, Carina Wachsmann - Kunst Schimmer 2015

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Ivo Gönner - mayor of Ulm - in front of my image for the "125 Jahre Ulmer Muensterturm"

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Urban Illusion catalogue

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Postcards: Series Urban Illusion - 125 Ulmer Muensterturm - special print edition

Art Fair / Kunstmesse ULM “Kunst Schimmer” 2015

“Kunst Schimmer” has been taken place for the third year and is a German art fair curated by Stefan Grzesina una Tommi Brem.

73 artists from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland had participated and Ivo Goenner, mayor of the city Ulm, came to inaugurate the Vernissage on February 14th, 2015.

My project “Urban Illusion” was set up on a 3 x 2,5 m wall with 6 prints (each 80 x 60 cm digital print on canvas). The print for the “125 Years of the tower of the Muenster” was exhibited in a special dedicated area and is a 120 x 80 cm digital print on canvas, framed.


Kunst Schimmer sponsored by: Leben-Wohnen-Freizeit and Boesner



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